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Think of it like a titty twister or someone biting your nipple. Punished with the cane. This is not where the piercing should be placed! I have a great understanding of the female anatomy and I have been using only the best methods for female genital procedures, the highest quality body jewellery in the industry and of course state-of-the-art sterilization methods.

Plus, many genital piercings provide sexual pleasure…but which ones? Upon closer examination, I noticed something that looks like an extra bit of skin under the top ball.

Jewelry is often customized for the individual client, since no two Christina piercings or pubic mounds are exactly alike. Vagina piercings pictures. Added by InkBrothersBG 5 years ago. Many times you can receive a similar appearance of the HCH with an inner or outer labia piercing. Blue film priyanka chopra. Men with newer genital piercings should wear condoms initially during intercourse, even if in monogamous relationships. Not everyone has appropriate anatomy for this piercing, but a well healed bridge piercing adorned with tasteful jewelry can be subtlety stunning.

Bent barbells are usually preferred for vertical hood piercings, but some wear circular barbells or captive rings. I'm glad I'll have a better idea of what I can get before I go all the way out to see my piercer. Some women will get just 1 side pierced, but most get labia piercings in pairs, and others work towards 2 matching rows of rings or tunnels.

VCH piercings stimulate the clitoris at a more reasonable level than a clitoral piercing would.

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I always use the highest quality jewellery in the industry to pierce with. How to meet rachel starr. I have a well healed vch that is over five years old at this point. I received a message from a woman who was concerned about the jewelry in her new VCH piercing: Talk to your piercer right away if you experience unusual swelling or signs of an allergic reaction, like itchiness and redness.

Your piercer will need to do a cotton swab test to see if your clitoral hood is deep enough to do a VCH piercing without risk of damage to your clitoris. This page was last edited on 9 February , at Industrial Barbells Labret Rings Nipple Rings Nose Rings Organic Jewelry Plugs Thongs Tongue Rings.

Ask for non-US shipping quote. Vagina piercings pictures. Clitoral Hood Piercings — There are 2 types of clitoral hood piercings: Above all, keep it clean. Or take it out all together? You can look for retainers online by searching "piercing retainer" and similar phrases. Plus, many genital piercings provide sexual pleasure…but which ones?

Each body is unique on its own and every piercing is different. Giels gone wild. All News Sports Entertainment Archival.

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Captive Bead Ring Cell Phone Charms Circular Barbells Clothing Contact Lenses Dreadlock Products Earrings Eyebrow Rings. OMG, crazy genital piercings.

She described the tendency for the jewelry to rest over to her left, as in the second image. Your happy, healthy piercings will thank you for your patience. Clitoral Hood Piercings — There are 2 types of clitoral hood piercings: The image below shows a properly placed VCH piercing with jewelry that fits well. But I worry about rejection since there's an established fistula from the current piercing so close to where the new one would go.

This is as opposed to the build I refer to as a "valley" wherein the hood is recessed, and lower than the outer labia. Vagina piercings pictures. From where it is placed, I could put the new bar in from the top and it should leave from the bottom. The Inner labia tends to be an easier piercing and easier to heal. Meg ryan in the cut. Get your autographed copy now! Home See Our Text Blog View Our Jewelry Customer Support Sign up for free.

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