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The Sons of Liberty

Photos from the Orlando Tea Party, Three Thousand Strong!

Additional pictures posted at Pereiraville.

UPDATE: link from Michelle Malkin, welcome, click the link above for more photos at pereiraville

UPDATE: Instalanche, welcome all, feel free to look around the site and buy some T-shirts

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21 Responses to “The Sons of Liberty”

  1. Pereiraville » Blog Archive » Orlando Tea Party 032109 Says:

    […] Eola, downtown Orlando Orlando Tea Party 032109 Additional pictures now posted at Bakerstreet. I have more than a hundred pictures already cropped, so I’ll put them all in the extended […]

  2. Michelle Malkin » Liveblogging the Lexington KY Tea Party; Ridgefield CT Tea Party protesters say “DUMP DODD;” 3k in Orlando; Raleigh NC represents Says:

    […] More Orlando photos from Randy Thomas. And from Pereiraville. […]

  3. Instapundit » Blog Archive » MORE ORLANDO TEA PARTY PICS HERE: Also, Rachel Pereira has posted over 100 pictures. Note the appe… Says:

    […] ORLANDO TEA PARTY PICS HERE: Also, Rachel Pereira has posted over 100 pictures. Note the appearance of John […]

  4. More tax protesting this weekend. | Liberty Confidential Says:

    […] FL saw 3,000 pissed off people protesting. Istapundit has more on that event, with pictures. Also, bakerstreetws.com has a lot of pics of the event. Local central Florida news has coverage: Thousands gathered at the amphitheater along Lake Eola […]

  5. Orlando Tea Party Draws 3000 UPDATE:Or More « Nice Deb Says:

    […] Pictures here and […]

  6. Brett Says:

    ROTFLMFAO, you people must be on dope. Blaming Obama for your situation after 2 months in office is ridiculous. The inept yahoo that resided in that office for the previous 8 years is the reason this country is in the state it is in. And on religion I suggest you watch a movie called “Religulous”. Time to wake up people, you have been living in Fantasyland for much to long. Children, the uneducated and the weak minded believe in mythology (religion). I understand that as a child growing up you can easily be brainwashed but once you grow up and start thinking for yourselves if you can’t be smart enough to determine reality from fantasy then you are socially retarded. As for me, I made the realization at 8 years of age, after some wackadoodle minister told me I was saved. Believe me I am 10 times a better person than your average “christian”. Simply because my judgement is not clouded by fantasies. No religion is better or worse than another, but no religion is better than any religion. And I don’t care what you wackos say nobody is taking my guns. This is coming from an ex-military, gun toting Athiest. It should be EVERY citizens duty to serve in the military, learn to use a firearm, and learn to defend home and country. BTW many of the founding fathers were Athiests. Freedom FROM religion, and clear headed decisions should be at the forefront. FREEDOM FIRST!!!

  7. The Sons of Liberty Says:

    […] See the original post here:  The Sons of Liberty […]

  8. Deborah Says:

    Just look what he’s done in his two months. Go read the stimulus package…he’s stimulating ACORN, every liberal piece of crap organization in the country. ACORN is going to be working on the Census. He’s doing everything he can to enable his party to steal the next election. This man is a Marxist. He’s ruining the country. Deal with it.

  9. Modern Day Tea Parties - Page 3 - TeakDoor.com - The Thailand Forum Says:

    […] Orlando TV covers thousands of protesters More Orlando photos from Randy Thomas. And from Pereiraville. 3,000 folks in Orlando…no national wire coverage of these thousands of protesters across the […]

  10. sherlock Says:

    LOOK AT THE BIG BRAIN ON BRETT!!! Sorry brett, the koolaid is killing your braincells. You can’t blame bush for the $700 BILLION stimulus bill the O signed without reading, can’t blame Bush for hiring tax cheats to his cabinet, can’t blame Bush for wanting working people to pay for deadbeats mortgages. As for religion, it’s obvious you haven’t looked around the site at all.

  11. Hot News » Orlando Tea Party Says:

    […] for the American Tea Party Movement « POLITISITE: Politics from the RIGHT Side of the WEB…http://bakerstreetws.com/blog/?p=930…The Revolution Will Not Be Socialized « The Poor Man Institute…New Song Recognizes Tea Party […]

  12. William K. Wolfrum Chronicles » Blog Archive » Angry white people protest that other angry white people will pay a little more in taxes - no one notices Says:

    […] the liberal media refused to report on them. Except when they did. But these pocketbook patriots at Tea Party events around the nation were at least able to stay focused on the problem at […]

  13. Tom K Says:

    Thanks so much for posting the pix. I recommend everyone do as I did and send copies of the best dones to all my Liberal friends and rlatives.
    Tom in ILINOIS

  14. Tom K Says:

    Thanks so much for posting the pix. I recommend everyone do as I did and send copies of the best ones to all my Liberal friends and relatives.
    Tom in ILINOIS

  15. Harriet Ham Says:

    We need more people protesting the outrageous new Bailouts. As a Realtor whose clients did not use the “Liars’ Loans”, I am appalled by the current standards for the employed, honest homeowners while Speculators are rewarded. Money has been made available to Speculators, but is still difficult to find for the average Buyer who faces not only delays in closing, but is increasingly required by the Lender to have 2 or even 3 Appraisals of the property at the Buyers’ expense.
    However…If you 1) lied about your income to get an ARM loan 2) knew you could not afford the payments when the rates increased 3) put zero to 5% down payment, i.e. no or very little money invested in the home 4) you purchased on speculation and 5) your “home” has decreased in value…our government will help you with a 30 or 40-year-loan at 3.5-4.0% interest rate on a new fixed-rate loan to match the decreased value. For example, a $500k home purchase now valued at $275k will receive a new loan for $275k not the $500k original loan. Who makes up the difference? We do. And yes, these loans are currently available. Go figure.
    Summary: You lied, gambled and lost with little (or none) of your own money at risk and We, the Taxpayers, will help you keep your “home” because “you deserve a part of the American dream” right NOW. The “dream” you have failed to earn through work, sacrifice and saving hard-earned money.
    If you saved; wisely purchased in a stable, less risky market; improved your home while living in it; sold it; then purchased another using your sweat-equity + appreciation – you are not entitled to re-finance unless you have a minimum of 30% Equity and that’s at the current interest rate of 5%-5.5-8%, depending upon the loan amount. If you used your equity toward several speculative home purchases, you just might receive financial assistance on the ones which have lost value. Obama says no, but this has occured in several situations in northern California with Speculator-Investors.

  16. INC Says:

    Hi, we were at the Tea Party in Orlando. I found your photos through links at Instapundit. I especially like the one of the boy looking at the quote of Thomas Jefferson’s and want to use it in a post about the Tax Day Tea Parties.

  17. Party Like It’s 1773! « Bejohngalt’s Blog Says:

    […] photo was taken at the March 21st Tea Party in Orlando, Florida and posted by sherlock at his Baker Street […]

  18. sherlock Says:

    as long as you attribute the photo and provide a link to bakerstreetws.com then I don’t mind.

  19. Party Like It’s 1773! | susan roesgen Says:

    […] first photo was taken at the March 21st Tea Party in Orlando, Florida and posted by sherlock at his Baker Street blog; via […]

  20. Party Like It’s 1773! | Be John Galt Says:

    […] first photo was taken at the March 21st Tea Party in Orlando, Florida and posted by sherlock at his Baker Street blog; via […]

  21. Michael Porter Says:

    Hey could you send me some childhood pics of ours, so I can put on facebook. I can get you Philip[pine pics, and US Probs here