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wRitErsbLock and I drove out to The Villages, FL today to hear Governor Sarah Palin speak.  Here are a few of the pictures I took with my Nikon D300 w/ a Sigma 70-210 2.8 lense.

Sarah Palin’s autograph.

You can find more pictures over at Pereiraville.

UPDATED: Instalanche! Check out the rest of my site.

UPDATED 2: Don’t forget to check out my NObama and other t shirts at my Printfection Store

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18 Responses to “Palinpalooza”

  1. Pereiraville » Blog Archive » Governor Sarah Palin at The Villages, FL Says:

    […] were taken with my Nikon D40. Sherlock has his higher-quality pictures posted already over on Bakerstreet, including two scans of Sarah Palin’s autograph. We arrived at The Villages right around […]

  2. Keith Ingram Says:

    nice shots. you like the 70-210?

  3. ZEITGEIST Says:

    […] FLORIDA TODAY, but two of them blogged it. Here’s a report from Pereiraville, and here’s one from Baker Street. Lots of photos at […]

  4. Amadeo Says:

    Great shots! Great Crowd!

    The people of Florida voted on Palin – with their feet!

  5. elizabeth blasucci Says:

    Sarah is the inspiration America has been waiting for…and we do wait …like the cardiac kids that we are of the world… She has what it takes to lead… its in her eyes, her stature, her tone, her smile, quiet resolve, meek leadership….and trust in the Almighty…. Just what is there not to like? Please don’t opine about experience. … give credit..it is due.

    Nice pics… thanks!

  6. Cedric Says:

    Thanks for the pictures! You were truly lucky to be there. I would have also endured going through all your hot, long treks just to see and show my support to the McCain Palin ticket. I was really amazed to see Sarah with all the perspiration and sweat but still able to share a smile with all the people. You can tell she really loves to be with people and able to bring some HOPE for our future!

  7. ScoopThis.Org » Sarah Palin draws 60,000 people in Florida! Says:

    […] Check out more pictures of Sarah Palin’s rally at Pereiraville.com and Bakerstreet. […]

  8. Teresa Says:

    Just came over from wRitErsbLock. What a day to have a rally like that outside! Holy smokes. Not to mention that D300 is significantly heavier than my D80 to cart around. I’m glad you took it with you though – excellent shots! I’m impressed she drew such a huge crowd in that heat.

  9. DN Says:

    Please remove her signatures: it is too easy to photoshop them to anything.

  10. Gov. Palin Appears At The Villages In Flordia Draws 60,000 - Trackpads Community Says:

    […] and Bakerstreet http://bakerstreetws.com/blog/?p=738 have photos from the rally. UPDATE: Local 6 Palin Makes Stop In Central Florida – Politics News […]

  11. shane leslie Says:

    Obama was the overestimated candidate – McCain was the underestimated candidate.
    Obama is not as competent as he appears; McCain is more competent than he appears.
    Obama promised compassion but was glib; no one expected compassion from the Republicans
    and found it in Mac.
    Obama floated like a butterfly; McCain stings like a bee.
    Obama talks about empathy; McCain’s eyes well up with tears over a KIA.
    Obama imitates Kennedy and sounds like a preacher; McCain is just himself, like Ike was Ike.
    If it comes to a fight, Obama looks like he’ll try and talk the guy out of it and he’ll have
    already lost. McCain will punch him in the nose and make sure he doesn’t.
    Obama is Precious Pup; McCain is Charlie Brown.
    Obama is Road Runner; McCain is Wily Coyote.
    Obama is Hollywood; McCain is Yankee Stadium.
    Obama is chewing gum and joking on the poop deck; McCain is aiming the Cannons at Iwo Jima.
    Obama is an easy Lay; McCain is the wife that sticks by you for no good reason.
    Obama is Roger Rabbit; McCain is Jackie Gleason.
    Obama is going to flatter you; McCain will give you the news.
    Obama is like Infatuation; McCain is the one you’ll marry.”

  12. The Power Of Palin « The Reluctant Optimist Says:

    […] people strong it seems. Blogger photos here and here. And she didn’t have to bring in rock bands and Greek columns […]

  13. sherlock Says:

    The 70-210 is a beast, I carried it four miles to the event. But it produced some good photos. It couldn’t focus when she was right in front of me, the focus distance is something like 6 ft but those photos I got she was about 20+ ft away.

  14. mountaineer musings » Blog Archive » Palinmania! Says:

    […] you haven’t already seen Rachel’s and sherlock’s posts about the Palin event in The Villages, Florida, go see. They have great photos and […]

  15. ZZMike Says:

    And a Blue Star Mom pin!!!!

  16. Rob Farrington Says:

    I’m going to photoshop and print out an autographed pic of Sarah Palin saying “To Rob with love – great to meet ya, big boy”. And then put it on my wall.

    Hey, I never claimed that I wasn’t a pathetic nerd!

    Oh, OK – I’m going to take my shrink’s advice and just stick with wearing the Spock ears and stalking William Shatner, instead. Never let it be said that I’m not willing to face up to My Problems.

    “I LOVE YA, PALINATOR *gets dragged away by kind people with medical qualifications*!!”.

  17. Jenny Says:

    Excellent close-up shots. Wow-she is really sweating!

  18. Frank Says:

    Wow! Nice pictures and I love the signature. I only wish that I could get a Sarah Palin picture for the next elections. It’d be a fun little item to have.