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I’ll Take The Rapists For $500 Alex!

In defense of Rapists er… Men.

Women (and men too) like to draw attention to themselves, they do it with makeup and clothes and the way they act and walk. So why are they so surprised when it works?

As part of her research, Kearl conducted an anonymous, informal e-mail survey of 225 women on the subject. She found that 98 percent of respondents experienced some form of street harassment at least a few times, while about 30 percent reported being harassed on a regular basis.

I imagine that the ones getting the most ‘harassment’ were the better looking, better endowed and more scantily clad ones, but they didn’t research that I gather.

“For me, anyone who interrupts my personal space to objectify me or make me feel uncomfortable or threatened is harassing me,”

Well for an article that you would think would explore both sides of the issue, they constantly call the catcalls harassment and abuse, this seems to be the tone they take throughout.

“I call it street abuse,” says New York City filmmaker Maggie Hadleigh-West, 49. “It’s unwanted attention and invasion of space.”

Unwanted, OK I can understand that, invasion of space requires them to come into your space, did they? The article is on catcalls right, I take that to mean the men are saying or yelling things at the women, If they touch the women, that is considered assault.

“Being in a public space with a strange man who is being sexually aggressive is potentially dangerous,” Hadleigh-West adds

Hmm, I guess if it is just you and a strange man alone in a public area or maybe a bad neighborhood, but does he have to say anything in a scenario like that for it to be dangerous? Is someone yelling or talking to you sexually aggressive? I guess that depends on what he is yelling.

In her 1998 documentary “War Zone,” Hadleigh-West confronted catcallers and filmed their responses. Many of the men literally ran away to avoid talking to her about why they whistled or made a provocative comment.

Wait a sec… I thought these were ‘dangerous sexually aggressive’ men. THEY RAN AWAY? WTF. Just because you wanted to talk? So maybe it was just that? All talk.

“Yeah, it’s objectifying and all, but you know, if I walked down the street and didn’t have men looking me up and down and catcalling, I’d think, ‘Boy I must really be getting old and dumpy’

Ahh, maybe partly the truth?

Emily May, 27, and six of her friends were inspired to create the site in 2005 after a young New York woman used her camera phone to take a photo of a man who was looking at her while touching himself on the subway.

Doesn’t say that he said anything to the woman so that isn’t really a catcall, it is however a crime!

OK, let’s look at this, everyone likes to get the attention of someone of the opposite sex (or same sex), I like walking down the street and having a girl look me up and down and smile at me. I doubt women are much different. The difference is in the way men and women express their approval of what they like, men are more vocal as women are not. While a man might look at a girl and voice their approval, women mostly just look and smile unless they have been drinking and then they might be a little more aggressive.

Does it ‘objectify’ the women? What? We are talking about a guy (or girl) that is looking at a complete stranger right? You can only judge that person on looks and nothing else until you get to know them. How do you get to know someone or get someone to notice you? You talk to them! Sure you may not like the manner, but it sometimes does work! If you’re one that thinks that ‘guys are just pigs’ and that it is just men that do it then explain this? Are they objectifying him?

Women like men to look at them, otherwise they wouldn’t spend so much on makeup, hair, clothes and other male attracting niceties. Maybe it is just that they also attract some men they don’t want to. Would a women complain if a George Cloony look alike in an expensive suit whistled at her? How about if it was a middle aged unattractive construction worker with a beer belly, flashing crack that whistled at her? I think she would be flattered by one and horrified by the other, I’ll let you be the judge on which is which.

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2 Responses to “I’ll Take The Rapists For $500 Alex!”

  1. wRitErsbLock Says:

    that’s THERAPISTS.

  2. george cloony Says:

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